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Run() has problems with spaces in path

Guest cloch

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The following occurs when a path to an executeable contains spaces:

Run("C:\Programs\Some Files\bin\myprog.exe")

calls the executeable, but passes 'Files\bin\myprog.exe"' as parameter.


works as it should.

Same problem when working with parameters:

Run("C:\Programs\Some Files\bin\myprog.exe myparam")

calls the executeable, but passes 2 Parameters instead of one.

Run("C:\Programs\SomeFi~1\bin\myprog.exe myparam")

works as it should.

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this should of been support not bug reports

Run('"C:\Programs\Some Files\bin\myprog.exe"') 

Run('"C:\Programs\Some Files\bin\myprog.exe" myparam')

should work

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