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Run function in background

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For example use Yashied's >Copy UDF.



I looked over it, but I don't want the dll file and stuff. If I send the compiled program to a friend, I don't want it to need to install any files.  

Also, I don't want all that complicated stuff. The examples don't include what I am actually asking for. I repeat:

How should I execute the function to let it run individually in the background?

I just added a progress bar and hid the main gui to at least make it not seem as not working

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if you run a normal windows copy command from Run /cmd blah blah it'll just proceed without waiting for the copy to finish.  Some are a little snobby about using this method but it works with no includes.

Run(@ComSpec & " /c" & 'copy "\\network_location\giant file.ext" "C:\Test Folder"')

for $x = 0 to 100
    msgbox(1,"Message #" & $x,"This is message number " & $x)
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