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@OSBuild For Windows 8.1 is wrong ?

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I think this way it can be workaround until the bug is fixed. 


Global $OSBuild = 1

$OSBuild = FileGetVersion("user32.dll")

If (StringRegExp($OSBuild, "^(.*)\.(.+)\.(.+)\.(.*)$")) Then
    $OSBuild = StringRegExp($OSBuild, "^(.*)\.(.+)\.(.+)\.(.*)$", 1)
    $OSBuild = $OSBuild[2]
    $OSBuild = @OSBuild

MsgBox(64, @OSBuild, $OSBuild)
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That's not bug, it's how it should be.

But documentation for AutoIt should address it, if not.

The thing is AutoIt uses WinAPI function that is (or will be) deprecated very soon. The result get that way can't be guaranteed for future systems, meaning AutoIt will have to change.

In this particular case the manifest attached to the executable directs the output you get. MSDN however documents this, unlike AutoIt. Follow the link.




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