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What logic to use


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Hi All,

Let us say:

$V = ""

$M = "current version is"

One way to compare both is

"current version is" & $V == $M

and my test will get pass


But i just want to make it more generic, I do not want to concatenate "current version is" with $V.

is there some other way that if i can use some regular expressions in place of "current version is" if yes please elborate how


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Try this.

Local $V = ""
Local $M = "current version is"

; $V in $M must be at the start of the line or have a leading space; or,
; $V in $M must be at the end of the line or have a trailing space.
If StringRegExp($M, "(?m)(^|\h)" & $V & "(\h|$)") Then
    MsgBox(0, "Results", "Test Passed")
    MsgBox(0, "Results", "Test Failed")
Edit: Removed ".|" out of StringRegExp($M, "(?m)(^|h)" & $V & "(h|.|$)"), because the trailing dot was allowing "" to pass, which is incorrect. Edited by Malkey
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