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File path in file upload dialog is taking // to special characters.

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Hi All,

All my tests are written in selenium. There is a functionality related to file upload for which i am using Auto it to upload the file. Here is the code which will enter file path in the dialog. Browser i am using is IE9. Language C#

            //enter file path 
            if (autoIt.ControlSend("", windowName, textBoxLocator, """+filePath+""") == 0)
                throw new Exception("Control dosent exists or control is not enabled");
            //click button
            if (autoIt.ControlClick("", windowName, buttonLocator) == 0)
                throw new Exception("Control dosent exists or control is not enabled");
It actually entering file path but it's considering some of portion as special characters.
For example the path i was is 
C:SCA2.6SCA2_6ProjectsSage.CRE.Cloud.UIAutomation.Package2InputFilesFilesToUpload audit (1).csv
Autually It was entering .
C:SCA2.^|SCA2_6ProjectsSage.CRE>Cloud.UIAutomation.package2InputFilesFilesToupload audit (1).csv
Can any one help me on this.Is there any escape sequence to skip this special charcters.
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Hi ademsandeep,

  And welcome to the forum!

If it is always going to be the exact same path you could tie it to a variable and insert that instead:

  if (autoIt.ControlSend("", windowName, textBoxLocator, "\""+filePath+"\"") == 0)
$filePath = "C:\SCA2.^|SCA2_6\Projects\Sage.CRE>Cloud.UIAutomation.package2\InputFiles\FilesToupload\ audit (1).csv"

  if (autoIt.ControlSend("", windowName, textBoxLocator, $filePath) == 0)

otherwise you might need StringRegExpReplace .



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