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I looked for awhile on the forums and Google in general, and I couldn't find any code that returned the path to the base dropbox folder, so I wrote this small snippet. I hope this helps someone! Now, all my computers and virtual machines can run easily easily by referring to it as simply DropboxFolder().

This small script REQUIRES the installation of a base64 decoder. Here's the one I use, written by Ward:

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; #FUNCTION# ;===============================================================================
; Name...........: DropboxFolder
; Description ...: Simply returns the file path to the currently logged on user's dropbox folder
; Syntax.........: DropboxFolder()
; Parameters ....: 
; Return values .: Success - Returns the dropbox folder path
;                  Failure - Returns 0 and Sets @Error:
;                  |0 - No error.
;                  |1 - Dropbox settings file not found in @appdatadir & "\Dropbox"
;                  |2 - Folder path returned does not exist (possibly an error with decoding)
; Author ........: FlashpointBlack
; Modified.......:
; Remarks .......:
; Related .......: 
; Link ..........;
; Example .......; No
; ;==========================================================================================
Func DropboxFolder()
    if not fileexists(@appdatadir & "\Dropbox\host.db") then ;file does not exist
    $Folder = _Base64Decode(FileReadLine(@appdatadir & "\Dropbox\host.db", 2))
    if not FileExists($Folder) then ;returned folder does not exist
    Return $Folder
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