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How to reterive a link from message in inbox


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Hi All,

I have used your pop3 script in my code.

I have used the pop3 function to know whether the message is in inbox or not

I just want to know how can i retrieve any URL from that message

I have used the following function to do that

$URL = http://yahoo.com
Local $Link =  "<=?h=?t=?t=?p=?:=?/=?/=?(.*?)" & @CRLF & "(.*?)>"
            $Array = StringRegExp($sRet, $Link , 2)
            $Link = StringReplace($aArray[0], "=" & @CRLF, "")
            $aArray = StringRegExp($Link, $URL, 2)
            If UBound($aArray) <> 0 Then
                $sRemark = "PASS"
                Msgbox(o,o,link is verified”)
                $sRemark = "FAIL"
                Msgbox(o,o,link is not verified”) 

But when i run this function i get the error "array variable used with incorrect no of subscript".[if there is any mistake please correct me]

However if i make the comment for two line of code written below no error is received

$Link = StringReplace($aArray[0], "=" & @CRLF, "")
$aArray = StringRegExp($Link, $URL, 2)

. but statement

$sRemark = "FAIL"
 Msgbox(o,o,link is not verified”)

 is executed

Well the above mentioned seems confusing .

But my main motive is to retrieve the Link from the message

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You show us there is a problem with getting an array from StringRegExp using $Ret, but you don't let us know what $Ret is.

After executing StringRegExp with Flag = 1 or 2 :

@Error Meaning

0 Array is valid. Check @Extended for next offset

1 Array is invalid. No matches.

2 Bad pattern, array is invalid. @Extended = offset of error in pattern.


You must see what @Error is after calling SrtingRegExp so you can see what is going wrong. Use the help file before asking people for help. Add code to your scripts to catch problems and don't assume a variable is an array just because you want it to be. Then when you have done that and still can't understand what is wrong, please give enough information to allow people to help. It takes time to help people so show some respect and take the time yourself to present a well thought out description of the problem, give all the information and preferably some code which demonstrates what goes wrong and which we can run.

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