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Copying an Array into an Array

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Hey Iam trying to copy an Array in to another Array with no luck.

I have an ArrayA(2dimension) and ArrayB(1Dimension) I want to copy whole ArrayB in ArrayA.

Global $GradeArray[8][2]
$GradeArray[0] = StringSplit($Text,"   ",3)

Stringsplit returns 1dimension array with 2 elements and GradeArray have 2dimension. But this code only gives me error.

Do I have to copy 1 element by 1 like this?:

$i = StringSplit($Text,"   ",3)
    $GradeArray[0][0] =$i[0]
    $GradeArray[0][1] =$i[1]

Or simply Iam just making simple syntax mistake?

Thanks for any advice.

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Multi Dimensional arrays are fun. :P Well, sometimes

See if this helps

; declare A and B
Global $GradeArrayA[8][2], $GradeArrayB[8]

; assign items to B
For $1 = 0 To UBound($GradeArrayB) -1
    $GradeArrayB[$1] = "abc   def"

; check that size is aligned in the arrays
If UBound($GradeArrayA) = UBound($GradeArrayB) And UBound($GradeArrayA, 2) = 2 Then
    For $1 = 0 To UBound($GradeArrayA, 1) -1
        ; split the element in B
        $2 = StringSplit($GradeArrayB[$1], "   ", 3)
        ; assign the split into A
        $GradeArrayA[$1][0] = $2[0]
        $GradeArrayA[$1][1] = $2[1]
        ; debug output
        ConsoleWrite($GradeArrayA[$1][0] & @CRLF)
        ConsoleWrite($GradeArrayA[$1][1] & @CRLF)


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Thanks for your effort, your sample perfectly works. I tought I have syntax mistake but now I realise I "have" to copy 1 by 1.

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Some other alternatives...

#include <array.au3>

; 1ST method - constuct a 2D array of student and grades
;   This is similar to Mhz's example except that grades by student are
;      formatted across columns, not rows.
;   Number of 2D array columns determined by input

; Input
local $text = 'George,A,C,F,B|Alex,D,B,A,A,F|Susan,A,,B,A|Gomer,D,F,DROPPED'

local $iCol = 0
$aTemp1 = stringsplit($text,'|',2)

; determine max # of cols
for $1 = 0 to ubound($aTemp1) - 1
    $aTemp2 = stringsplit($aTemp1[$1],',')
    if $iCol < $aTemp2[0] then $iCol = $aTemp2[0]

; define 2D array based on # of rows split and max # of cols
local $Students[ubound($aTemp1)][$iCol]
ConsoleWrite('Student array defined with ' & ubound($aTemp1) & ' rows and ' & $iCol & ' columns.' & @LF)

; load the resulting array ($Students)
for $1 = 0 to ubound($aTemp1) - 1
    $aTemp2 = stringsplit($aTemp1[$1],',',2)
    for $2 = 0 to ubound($aTemp2) - 1
        $Students[$1][$2] = $aTemp2[$2]

_arraydisplay($Students,'Student Grades')

; 2ND method - You can assign an array to an element of another array (as you originally tried)

local $aCars[4][2] = [ _
                        ['Toyota',''], _
                        ['Ford',''], _
                        ['Mazeratti',''], _
                        ['Yugo',''] _

local $aOptionsMazerrati[4] = ['Red','Chrome Wheels','Delux Stereo','Leather']

for $1 = 0 to ubound($aCars) - 1
    if $aCars[$1][0] = 'Mazeratti' then $aCars[$1][1] = $aOptionsMazerrati

_arraydisplay($aCars[2][1],'Options for Mazerrati')

; write array contents to console
ConsoleWrite(@lf & '! Cars' & @LF)
for $1 = 0 to ubound($aCars) - 1
    ConsoleWrite($aCars[$1][0] & @LF)
    if isarray($aCars[$1][1]) then
        $aTmp = $aCars[$1][1]   ; assign array to temp array because syntax does not allow it to be addressed directly
        for $2 = 0 to ubound($aTmp) - 1
            consolewrite(@tab & $aTmp[$2] & @lf)


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