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Possible Bug In New Version 3.3.7?

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Just updated to version 3.3.7 and noticed a peculiar behavior when compiling AutoIt scripts. If I create a test file and save it with a file name of "MyTest.au3" the inline errors work. However, if I save the same script with a name like "My_Test.au3" the inline errors no longer work. In fact, renaming the file and removing the underscore does not fix the problem. Seems that, once triggered, the issue follows the script no matter what the name is. The only way to fix it is by creating a new file and copying the source code from the broken script, then saving with a new name that does not contain an underscore.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

Here is the code I'm using to test.

; A codefull of errors
Local $MyVar = "This syntax is wrong
MsgBox(0,"Test Box", $MyVar)
Msg Box(0, "Test Box", $MyVar

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

The problem remains even when the name is corrected.

I should mention that I'm using the Bespin color configuration which I downloaded today.

I've attached a couple of screen shots. The first one (see good.jpg) shows a script named "Error_Test.au3". As you can see, the inline errors work when I try to run using F5.


I then went ahead and saved it as "Error_Test v2.exe" (space between Test and v2) and it no longer works (see bad.jpg).


At first I thought it might be caused by the underscore, but now I'm thinking it might be the space in the name.


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I see the same thing happening, but it clears when i either click on another open file tab and then go back to the renamed file, or close the renamed file in scite and open it again.


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OK. I am getting the same results; clicking on another tab clears it. If I do a "save as" with a different name, the problem returns.

My first suspicion that it was related to the file name was incorrect.

Looks like a minor bug. Still, it might be a good idea to add it to the list of pending corrections for the next release.

Thanks for looking into it.

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