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Simplifying While/Wend loops containing ControlCommand()

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I've been trying to teach myself  the majority of what I know so far and have been making a script to look up some reports in my MICROS sales server at my work.  We have an ancient windows 2000 machine running on the back end that can be painfully slow at times so I've been adding some while/wend loops to check for certain controls before continuing with the script.

There are a large number of steps in the script, this is just an excerpt as an example of how I've been trying to account for occasional lag.  However, there are still a few times where it lags even after the controls become visible and the script then fails due to missing a click here or there.

I think I could change them to Do/Until loops with variables for each class, but so far the entire script is about 350 lines long with about 38 separate while/wend loops checking for different buttons/edits etc. and I was wondering if there is a way to consolidate my very noobish, rough around the edges script.

While 1
    If ControlCommand("MICROS Autosequences and Reports", "", "[CLASS:TMBitBtn;INSTANCE:3]", "IsVisible", "") Then ExitLoop
ControlClick("MICROS Autosequences and Reports", "", "[CLASS:TMBitBtn;INSTANCE:3]", "")

Quick Edit* - I have some other ideas/dreams for this little program that I'm also a bit curious about.  I have an idea in my head about how I'd like this to work when it's close to finalized, including different check boxes on the GUI for each individual department depending on the selection on the combo box that can be checked for which reports need to be printed (Sales, Labor, and Liquor in the attached script) as well as check boxes for whether or not it needs to be printed (the part using send("^p") to the officericoh printer in attached script.)

I haven't started looking into these additions yet as I have just finished this initial learning experience with the main functions of the program, but I figured since I'm here I might as well ask!  All help is greatly appreciated!!! 

MICROS test.au3

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You could do something like this.

Until ControlClick("MICROS Autosequences and Reports", "", "[CLASS:TMBitBtn;INSTANCE:3]", "")

Instead of checking if each button is visible and then clicking it, attempt to click the button until the ControlClick function returns a 1 for success. It shortens the code needed considerably. Plus you can add some time checking inside the loop to see if the button has appeared or not within a certain timeframe you decide on. See TimerInit/TimerDiff to get the timing.

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