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Alternative array udf function?

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Hello I'm trying to use the _arrarypermutate() function to determine the total number of combinations of a set of data, but it appears the number is so great that it causes autoit's recursion prevention mechanism to kick in.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Beta\IncludeArray.au3" (1610) : ==> Recursion level has been exceeded - AutoIt will quit to prevent stack overflow.:
Func __Array_ExeterInternal(ByRef $avArray, $iStart, $iSize, $sDelim, ByRef $aIdx, ByRef $aResult, ByRef $iCount)



Func __Array_ExeterInternal(ByRef $avArray, $iStart, $iSize, $sDelim, ByRef $aIdx, ByRef $aResult, ByRef $iCount)
    If $iStart == $iSize - 1 Then
        For $i = 0 To $iSize - 1
            $aResult[$iCount] &= $avArray[$aIdx[$i]] & $sDelim
        If $sDelim <> "" Then $aResult[$iCount] = StringTrimRight($aResult[$iCount], 1)
        $iCount += 1
        Local $iTemp
        For $i = $iStart To $iSize - 1
            $iTemp = $aIdx[$i]

            $aIdx[$i] = $aIdx[$iStart]
            $aIdx[$iStart] = $iTemp
            __Array_ExeterInternal($avArray, $iStart + 1, $iSize, $sDelim, $aIdx, $aResult, $iCount)
            $aIdx[$iStart] = $aIdx[$i]
            $aIdx[$i] = $iTemp
EndFunc   ;==>__Array_ExeterInternal

Any see an easy alternative to nesting the function that way?

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