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wmi problems in autoit beta version (v3.3.11.3)

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Hi everybody,
I write to tell you that persists the problem  with WMI functions still  in version 
In a function for obtain network data, error occurs with the network cable disconnected 

local $objWMI = ObjGet('winmgmts:{impersonationLevel = impersonate}!\\' & '.' & '\root\cimv2')
Global $collection = $objWMI.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration where IPEnabled=TRUE"), $aReturn[9] = [0]

For $oObjectItem In $collection
            If $oObjectItem.IPAddress(0) == @IPAddress1 Then
                $aReturn[0] = 4
                $aReturn[1] = $oObjectItem.IPAddress(0)
                $aReturn[2] = $oObjectItem.DHCPEnabled
                $aReturn[3] = $oObjectItem.DefaultIPGateway(0)
                $aReturn[4] = $oObjectItem.MACAddress
        $aReturn[5] = $oObjectItem.DNSServerSearchOrder(0)
        $aReturn[6] = $oObjectItem.DNSServerSearchOrder(1)
        $aReturn[7] = $oObjectItem.IPSubnet(0)
        $aReturn[8] = $oObjectItem.Description


In the old version this script works ok.

sorry for my bad English 

Thanks for help


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