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Compare PixelCheckSum with Image

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How can I do something like this?

   global $k = 0

   Local $aCheckSum = PixelChecksum(490, 660, 630, 690)

   While $k = 0 
      If $aCheckSum = Image.png Then ; HOW CAN I DO THIS COMPARISON????
         $k = 1


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two things - first: Is the picture part of a control and if so, why not ID the control?

second - seeing you are new - Usually (but not always!) when a newbe (You have only posted once) to the forum post a pixel search question it is usually for a game or to get around a CAPTCHA. The automation of games and CAPTCHAs are not allowed here. (See forum rules) Now if I am wrong then please forgive me. I would hate to waste your time and ours if your question is game related or CAPTCHA related. If it is for something else then we are happy to help you.

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