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How to detect the pc was recently reactivated from StandBy

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AutoIt with Windows 7 64bit

hi all,

i run my scripts automated by the windows tasks scheduler.

the computer is on StandBy, wakes up and start the script.

I only want to run the script if the computer was on StandBy some minutes before.

At the windows system log i can find a info about the computer's awakening:

Event ID 1 from the source "Power-Troubleshooter"

Does anyone know a registry value or a windows variable to check how long the computer is awake?



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This thread may be of some use to you.

The following is an example of dumping the current 50 type 1 or 41 records from the "System" log.  This was run on a Vista OS (don't have an XP or 7 box available right now).

See the help file for more details...

#include <EventLog.au3>
#include <array.au3>


Local $hEventLog, $aEvent, $cnt = 0

$hEventLog = _EventLog__Open("", "System")
If $hEventLog = 0 Then
    ConsoleWrite('Log failed to open' & @LF)

While 1

    If $cnt > 50 Then ExitLoop

    $aEvent = _EventLog__Read($hEventLog, True, False)
    If $aEvent[0] = False Then Exit
    If $aEvent[6] = 41 Or $aEvent[6] = 1 Then
        ConsoleWrite(_ArrayToString($aEvent) & @LF)
        $cnt += 1


Func _fini()
EndFunc   ;==>_fini


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Hi kylomas,

thanks for your help.

Meanwhile i have written my own solution:

#include <Date.au3>

Func IsAwake($MaxMin = 4)

   IsAwake = 0

   $oWMIService = ObjGet("WINMGMTS:\\.\ROOT\cimv2")

   If IsObj($oWMIService) Then

      $EventList = $oWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT TimeGenerated FROM Win32_NTLogEvent WHERE Logfile = 'System' AND EventCode = 1 AND EventType = 3 AND SourceName = 'Microsoft-Windows-Power-Troubleshooter'")

      For $oEvent In $EventList

         ; Event Time (UTC)
         $EventDate = $oEvent.TimeGenerated
         $EventDateNew = StringLeft($EventDate,4) & "/" & StringMid($EventDate,5,2) & "/" & StringMid($EventDate,7,2)
         $EventDateNew &= " " & StringMid($EventDate,9,2) & ":" & StringMid($EventDate,11,2) & ":" & StringMid($EventDate,13,2)
         ; Current Time (UTC)
         $CurrentDate = _Date_Time_GetSystemTime()
         $CurrentDate = _Date_Time_SystemTimeToDateTimeStr($CurrentDate,1)

         if _DateDiff("n",$EventDateNew,$CurrentDate)> $MaxMin Then
            IsAwake = 0
            IsAwake = 1

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