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Hotkey issue with Shift key


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Hi,  I just started working with the hotkey example I took from HELP.  It was working great but after a while or perhaps from repetitive keystrokes, it starts to screw up.

I use the default key combination of SHIFT ALT and whatever key I pick.... eg..

HotKeySet("+!h", "HOLD") ;Shift-Alt-h
HotKeySet("+!r", "Clear") ;Shift-Alt-r


What happens is after a while the mouse click will highlight a range of records on my screen, it is nothing to do with the script, but it seems something gets corrupted and suddenly affects the mouse...as if you were still holding the shift key and clicking somewhere.

The code is literally from Help, I only changed the trigger key.

I'm ok with using another combination, but I'm not sure which combination keys are safe... like CTRL ALT seem to have some built in triggers already.


Thanks for your input.



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Hi Danp2,

Thanks for your reply, I still need to investigate the methods you describe.  The reason I forgot about this is because I figured out by hitting the Shift key on its own tha tthe Script corrected itself.  But when I have time I will work on your suggested link.

Sorry for not replying sooner ( I hate when people don't acknowledge others)

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