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Newbie question: commas

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Hi there,

I'm pretty new to Autoit, but I've been working on a number of practice projects and think I'm starting to get it more now. It really is quite versatile! 

I'm currently making something which basically rips the source code from a site, loads it to a variable and then does a stringbetween to find URLS. 

The problem i'm coming across is that i need a comma as part of the left part of the string.

Here's a short code snippet:

Local $left ='hi=0&ext=cpid=site', event);" href="'
Local $right ='" target="_blank" class="f_link_'
Local $sourcecode = _IEBodyReadHTML($oIE)

$source = _StringBetween($sourcecode, $left, $right)

I basically need to know what to put instead of the comma in this string, so that autoit will not assume its a parameter. I have tried searching the help documentation, but i can't seem to find the section that this information would be in. I also checked the forums, but mainly found info related to split strings and use of CSV files.

Another problem is that the:

;" href=" became a comment, when it should be part of the string.

If someone could help me out i'd be grateful, even if you could just direct me to the section of the help guide where this information is.

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Well I've just looked over it once and answered my own question....

because the string has a ' quotation mark in it, it marks the end of the string, by putting a '' (double singlequote) it is now fine.

Local $left ='hi=0&ext=cpid=site'', event);" href="'

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