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Identifying 2 firefox and one excel instance

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I hope I have 2 instances of firefox and 1 of Excel open.

My problem is that in both instances of firefox I have mult tabs. each instance has a unique tab, one has the tab titled 'cases' and in the other instance has a tab titled 'history'. these tabs may not be in the first tabs position and I would like to be able to see if both instances are running and if not display an error. something like 'the firfox program with the tab 'Case' is not open

Also The Excel spreadsheet name is todays date so changes each day, is it possabel to display an error if excel is running and if the current date is in the name is not todays?

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For the Excel piece, you can always call the workbook  name, and compare to the current date:

#include <Date.au3>
#include <Excel.au3>
$oExcel = _ExcelBookNew(1)
 If $oExcel.ActiveWorkBook.Name <> _NowDate() Then
  ; Do Stuff
  ;Do Other Stuff

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