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Hi, I'm trying to see if it is possible to get a task bar icon with a progress bar


Here what kind of progress bar I am using,

Func Example()
    ; Display a progress bar window.
    ProgressOn("Countdown Timer", "Countdown Timer", "0%",1,1,18)    ; Update the progress value of the progress bar window every second.
    For $i = 1 To 100 Step 1
        ProgressSet($i, $i & "%")
    Next    ; Set the "subtext" and "maintext" of the progress bar window.
    ProgressSet(100, "Done", "Complete")
    ; Close the progress window.
EndFunc   ;==>Example

Thank you so much for your help and support!!

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If you want to just get an static idle icon besides an progress bar, use 


and if you want an animated one use 


Besides, I feel, I could not get exactly what you are asking. Please explain a bit more of what you want to do.


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