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Decode predefined entities in XML/HTML

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yeah, but i already have something like this

Local $PredefinedEntitiesInXML[5][2] = [["&quot;",'"'],["&amp;","&"],["&apos;","'"],["&lt;","<"],["&gt;",">"]]
For $k = 0 To UBound($PredefinedEntitiesInXML,1) - 1
    $sSting = StringRegExpReplace($sSting,$PredefinedEntitiesInXML[$k][0],$PredefinedEntitiesInXML[$k][1])

what i wanted is

$code  = "Function func_unescape(x)" & @CRLF
$code &= "func_unescape=unescape(x)" & @CRLF
$code &= "end Function"

$vbs = ObjCreate("ScriptControl")

$sString = $vbs.run("func_unescape",$sString)

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