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Create mail message with default mailto: handler

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I searched the forum for a script that would create an e-mail message in the default mailto: handler, but could only find one that opened the default e-mail client, which is sometimes a different program. I wanted to have a script that would take an e-mail address and create a message in the mail client that opens on my system when I click a mailto: link.

So I modified the existing code I found in another thread, by Brett Francis, and came up with this. It works in Thunderbird; I think it should work in Outlook. I don't know about any other mail client. I'd like to find a generic way to extend it to work with a subject line as a parameter, but I don't think that can be done in a way that works in any client.

I hope this code might be useful to someone else, and will be grateful for any improvements:

$to = "someone@somewhere.com"

; Function Name:    _LaunchDefaultMailtoHandler()
; Description:      Open default handler for Mailto url
; Parameter(s):     $to = a valid e-mail address (someone@somewhere.com)
; Requirement(s):   None
; Return Value(s):  On Success - Launch default mailto: handler with message to address
;                   On Failure - Returns:
;                1-Reading of the registry Failed
;                2-Getting the Path Of the Default Mail Client Failed
;                3-Run Failed
; Author(s):    Brett Francis <francisb[at]student[dot]jpc[dot]qld[dot]edu[dot]au>
;       Modified for mailto: handler by Edward Mendelson
; Thanks:   GaryFrost
;       Zedna
;       MrCreator
; Note(s):  Tested only with Thunderbird

Func _LaunchDefaultMailtoHandler($to)
    Local $qt = Chr(34)
    Local $space = " "
    Local $Old_Opt_EES = Opt("ExpandEnvStrings", 1)
    Local $iRetError = 0, $iRetValue = 0
    Local $ReadDefMailClient, $ReadCommand, $ReadExe

    $ReadCommand = RegRead("HKCR\mailto\shell\open\command", "")
    If @error Or $ReadCommand = "" Then $iRetError = 1

    If $iRetError = 0 Then
        $ReadExe = $ReadCommand
        If StringRegExp($ReadExe, '"(.*)"') Then _
                $ReadExe = StringMid($ReadExe, 2, StringInStr($ReadExe, '"', 0, 2) - 2)
        If StringInStr($ReadExe, '/') Then _
                $ReadExe = StringLeft($ReadExe, StringInStr($ReadExe, '/', 0, -1))

    If StringRight($ReadCommand, 5) = (" " & $qt & "%1" & $qt) Then _
        $ReadCommand = StringTrimRight($ReadCommand, 5)

    If $iRetError = 0 Then
        $ReadExe = StringStripWS($ReadExe, 3)
        If Not FileExists($ReadExe) Then $iRetError = 2

    If $iRetError = 0 Then
        $tostring = ""
        If Not $to = "" Then $tostring = $space & "mailto:" & $to
        Local $iRetValue = Run($ReadCommand & $tostring)
        If @error Then $iRetError = 3

    Opt("ExpandEnvStrings", $Old_Opt_EES)
    Return SetError($iRetError, 0, $iRetValue)
EndFunc   ;==>_LaunchDefaultMailtoHandler
Edited by emendelson

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