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Get all Computer from an "OU" with AD.au3

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Hi, I'm trying to do something.

I want to get all computers présents in an OU of my domain ...

I use AD.au3 but i don't find the simple code to obtain that ?

exemple : from


I want to get


thanks for your help.

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Ok, i find, so i give you the code.

Thanks a lot :

Global $test = ""

                            Global $sOU = "OU=TEST,OU=RETEST,DC=domaine,DC=net"
                            Global $aResult = _AD_GetObjectsInOU($sOU, "(name=*)", 2,"sAMAccountName,distinguishedName,displayname")
                            For $i = 1  To $aResult[0][0]
                                $test = $test&$aResult[$i][0]
                            sleep (100)
MsgBox (0,"",$test)
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