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Reading Data from Telnet/Putty/CommandLine

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I have learned a ton already about Ait and seem to continue learning every day. I'm stuck now trying to figure this next bit out and would appreciate any feedback.

So essentially I have a gui where the user inputs their Username, Password, The MAC Address of their Modem and it's respective IP into 4 seperate fields. Then there is a button that will Telnet or Putty (I can get either to work) to a remote server where it executes a command that runs a quick SNMP test. The thing is ... I'd prefer that window stay hidden and let the test run and just print to the screen the results. 

Step #1 is getting the program to run in the background and still be parse-able when its done.

Step #2 is going to be a P.I.T.A because I'm going to have to RegEx it like nobody's business to get the data out that I want.

See code below

#include <constants.au3>

$SNMPTEST = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'Telnet <serverIP>', "", @SW_SHOW, $STDOUT_CHILD)
Sleep (3000)
Send ("User{ENTER}")
Sleep (2000)
Send ("Password{ENTER}")
Sleep (2000)
Send ("cd /usr/local/tests/bin{ENTER}")
Sleep (1000)
Send ("./snmp.tcl{ENTER}")
Sleep (1000)
Send ("{ENTER}")
Sleep (5000)
Local $line = ""

while 1
   $line &= StdoutRead($SNMPTEST)
   If @error Then ExitLoop

;$TXPOWERFind = StringRegExp ($line, "")
;$TXPOWERFound = StringRegExpReplace ($TXPOWERfind[0], "/s*", "")

MsgBox (0, "", $line)

Now, for clarity, this excerpt is from a different window outside of the main gui program so that I dont have to deal with the gui while trying to get the function ot work. Normally "user" and "password" are variables and not manual entries, but for this standalone test I dont want to keep getting prompted so I hardcoded them. The IP listed ( is a theoretical Modem IP.

Also, the bottom two variables (TXPOWER) are all wrong and thats fine ... I have them commented out until I get the 1st section working.  

And Finally i have the msgbox at the end displaying $line solely so I can see if the StdoutRead is producing any kind of data. The code works, but the msgbox returns a blank field. 

What am I missing?

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I think that standard telnet does not allow I/O redirection
have a look >here for an alternative to try

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