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Help optimizing a Search script

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Hi, i keep all my text, au3, html etc. files on my external hdd and i tryed to create kind of a search script, now that the script is done, i want to optimize it for a fast search avoiding errors, i just have one question, and i am opened for ideeas...the question is commented in the script. So please help me and clean my script! thanx

;==========Var section===========

$current = "G:\"

$ext = ".txt"

$ext2 = ".au3"

$string = "array"

$string2 = "pixel"

;=========End of Var section===========

Search($current, $ext) ;calling function Search

Func Search($current,$ext)  ;defining function Search

Local $search = FileFindFirstFile($current & "\*.*")

While 1 ; Loop for finding files

Dim $file = FileFindNextFile($search)

If @error Or StringLen($file) < 1 Then ExitLoop ;exit on error

If Not StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($current & "\" & $file), "D") And ($file <> "." Or $file <> "..") Then ;verify if is a directory

If StringInStr($current & "\" & $file, $ext) Or StringInStr($current & "\" & $file, $ext2) then ; if it's not a directory verify the extension ..... should i use the variable defined in Var section or the extension like .au3 or .txt

$open = FileOpen($current & "\" & $file, 0) ; open file for reading

$read = FileRead($open)

If StringInStr($read, "array") Or StringInStr($read, "pixel") Then  ;Should i use the variable defined in Var section like $string or i should use directly the keyword like "pixel"

MsgBox (0, "File ", "Found " & $current & $file & "  Containing: " & $read)

FileWriteLine(@WorkingDir & "\LogFile.txt","The file is: " & $current & $file & "  Containing: " & $read) ; Create a log file




If StringInStr(FileGetAttrib($current & "\" & $file), "D") And ($file <> "." Or $file <> "..") Then ; If file is a Directory  then pass through

Search($current & "\" & $file, $ext)





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