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Launch Autoit Script on remote machine @desktopdir empty.

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Goodmorning i have a problem with @desktopdir function. If i run it with psexec to remote machine it return me empty value but if i run on remote machine the funtion return me the correct value. 

this is my psexec command:

psexec.exe <remote pc> /accepteula -d -s -i 1 <Shared Folder>Start.exe
Start.exe script have:
SplashTextOn("", @DesktopDir, -1, -1, -1, -1, 4, "", 20)


There is a way to obtain Desktop dir from a remote run script using psexec? 

Thank you for help. 


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Because you are running the script with the system account (-s option), and the system account seems do not have a desktop directory.


if I remove -s option no longer see the windows of the script Autoit,  and not show the message with the @desktopdir value. 

But i must add -u and -p paramters and re-appears the messagge with correct value of @desktopdir, but i must execute a script on 120 pc and i don't want  insert user name and pass of all user in the psexec execution script   :(.

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