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Guest winifred

I would like to create a script to launch my video editor and move to the create disk window and launch the add file dialog. Pretty simple. But I have only succeeded in launching the program. I have read the tutorials, but no luck. There is a visible text for the screen I want to launch, but I do not understand how to send it as a command.

Also, what is the advantage of scite gui? Should I try it?

Thank you

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you probably need to look into the Au3info tool that comes with autoit, also function(s) to look at, Send/ControlSend/ControlClick etc...

I use SciTE all the time for autoit scripts, I think it's worth looking at.

SciTE for AutoItDirections for Submitting Standard UDFs


Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.


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Guest winifred


I used au3 record in scite and it worked with mouse clicks, but I would prefer to use text since it would be faster and not subject to window position. How do I record a text command, or for that matter, know what the command should be? Are the only text commands available, those that use alt?

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Guest winifred

Here is what is in my info window for the active window that I want to automate. I want to use a text command to launch "Create Disk". Is this possible? I was able to do it with mouse recorder. Thanks

>>>>>>>>>>> Control Under Mouse <<<<<<<<<<<

Size: X: 15 Y: 129 W: 170 H: 32

Control ID: 3173

ClassNameNN: Button19

Text: Create Disc

Style: 0x50010000

ExStyle: 0x00000004

>>>>>>>>>>> Status Bar Text <<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> Visible Window Text <<<<<<<<<<<


Create Video File

Create Disc

Project Playback


Create Sound File

Share Video Online


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Welcome to the forums!

You might want to give this command a try (filling in the title):

controlClick("(window title here)", "Create Disc", "Create Disc")
; (this should also work...)
  controlClick("(window title here)", "Create Disc", "Button19")
; (...or this...)
  controlClick("(window title here)", "Create Disc", 3173)
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