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gimagex_com.dll + WinPE, cannot create object

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Im not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I use regsvr32.exe to register the gimagex_com.dll file and it doesn't work, cause when I'm trying to create the gimagex.ctrl object it fails. Can you use it with WinPE at all?

Here is my code:

runwait("regsvr32.exe" & " x:\program files\osd\gimagex_com.dll" & " /s")
if @error then msgbox(0x10, "OSDGUI", "Unable to launch process: 'regsvr32.exe gimagex_com.dll'", 0, $osdgui)

The above doesn't send back any error, so it's being registered.

When I try to create the COM object is fails:

global $wim_object = objcreate("GImageX.GImageXCtrl")
if not isobj($wim_object) then msgbox(0x10, "OSDGUI", "Unable to load COM object", 0, $osdgui)

I get the msgbox displaying the error


I'm pretty sure that the code is right, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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OK, i found out why. gimagex_com.dll needs to be in system32 folder

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