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Get file path from selected item in a combo box? *HELP NEEDED*

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I am having some hickups with getting the full file path from a wim file, which has been populated into a combo box $select_os the following way:

global $wim_path = "z:\images\"
local $wim_list = _filelistToArray($wim_path, "*.wim")

_arraysort($wim_list, 0, 1)

for $wim_file = 1 to ubound($wim_list) -1

   $objwim.source = "z:\images\" & $wim_list[$wim_file]
   $objwim.imageindex = 1
   guictrlsetdata($select_os, $objwim.imagename)


$objwim = 0

When you afterwards select the image file you want, how do i get the full path to the image file being selected from the combo box?

Kinda the same process as above but reversed


Thank you in advance!

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A return of 0 is failure. A wild guess is that you are deleting the control or the whole gui before using GuiCtrlRead as that would cause failure and return 0.

Very basic example of reading a path from a combo with GuiCtrlRead

$select_os = GUICtrlCreateCombo(@ComSpec, 5, 5)
$result = GUICtrlRead($select_os)
MsgBox(0, 'result', $result)



Seems fine. So check and make sure GuiCtrlRead reads the control while it exists.

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