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Need help with writing a diskpart script "on the fly"

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First of all, thank you for all the great help you guys provide in here. Im truly grateful

I have writte a XML file which contains information about a possible disk configuration and based on the information in that file, it will write a diskpart script.

I know how to get the information out from the XML file, but creating the diskpart.txt the proper way is more difficult, and so far i haven't been able to succeed

My XML file content looks like this:

    <disk setting="Full Disc">
        <name>Full Disc</name>
            <partition id="1">
                <settings type="size">
                <settings type="letter">
                <settings type="label">
            <partition id="2">
                <settings type="size">
                <settings type="letter">
                <settings type="label">

And my script looks like this:

local $xmlDoc, $xmlNode, $diskpart_path

$xmlDoc = ObjCreate("Microsoft.XMLDOM")
$xmlNode = $xmlDoc.documentElement.selectNodes("/diskconfigurations/disk[@setting='Full Disc']/partitions/partition/settings/size")
$xmlLetter = $xmlDoc.documentElement.selectNodes("/diskconfigurations/disk[@setting='Full Disc']/partitions/partition/settings/driveletter")
$xmlLabel = $xmlDoc.documentElement.selectNodes("/diskconfigurations/disk[@setting='Full Disc']/partitions/partition/settings/label")

$diskpart = "c:\users\doni\desktop\diskpart.txt"

filewrite($diskpart, "select disk 0" & @crlf _
                  &  "clean" & @crlf _
for $xmlNodes in $xmlNode

   filewrite($diskpart, "create partition primary size=" & $xmlNodes.text & @crlf)
   filewrite($diskpart, "assign letter=" & $xmlLetter.text & @crlf)
   filewrite($diskpart, "label=" & $xmlLabel.text & @crlf)


And the above so far outputs:

select disk 0
create partition primary size=100
assign letter=
create partition primary size=250
assign letter=

Im missing the letter and the labels, but using selectSingle node will place the same drive letter everytime


Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance!

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