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ftp question

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hi all

i have thisĀ 

#include <FTPEx.au3>

Local $sServer = 'ftp.mysite.com'
Local $sUsername = 'myusername'
Local $sPass = 'mypass'
Local $hOpen = _FTP_Open('MyFTP Control')
Local $hConn = _FTP_Connect($hOpen, $sServer, $sUsername, $sPass)
while 1
$file = InputBox("", "")
$open = FileOpen("file",2)
Local $Ftpc = _FTP_Close($hConn)
Local $Ftpo = _FTP_Close($hOpen)

this cod must login to my site and upload a file called "file" with content of what the user enters in the inputbox

the problem is if i keep typing content in the input box after each others it will work fine

but when i be late for about 30 seconds or more it will not upload anything

1-my question is: does ftp have a timeout or something like that ?

2-is what im doing right i must not include the ftp open and close in the while loop ?

3-can i edit a file without re-uploading it ?

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Why dont you just connect to ftp after you have written your file?

Edit: and why do you loop this script? You never exit the loop?

Edited by Geir1983

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You are not active on the ftp connection when you are waiting for the user input, why connect to the ftp before the file is ready to upload?

And whats with the attitude? When you never exit your loop you never call the _FTPClose functions in your script..

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