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cant replace 2 Different Strings in Array

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Hi i have following array:


Now i want to check 

Pseudo code:

StringInStr salutation === firstname 

then Replace the Firstname in Salutation with nothing



Hall Herr Albeck

After replace

Hallo Herr, 

same with lastname


Current Code its half working but only for one firstname or lastname and not together 

Func Main()

    Local $sAdr = @ScriptDir & "/rsg_mailing.csv"
    Local $h = FileOpen($sAdr, 0)

    Local $aRet = _CSV2Array($h, Default, True, 1)


    For $i = 0 To UBound($aRet) - 2

        $i = $i + 1

;Bekomme Vorname
        $checkFirstName = $aRet[$i][1]
        $lastName = $aRet[$i][2]

        $salutation = $aRet[$i][3]
        If (StringInStr($salutation, $lastName)) Then
            $test = StringReplace($aRet[$i][3], $lastName, "")
            ;Replace Lastname with nothing
                $aRet[$i][3] = $test
                ConsoleWrite($test & @LF)


    If (StringInStr($salutation, $checkFirstName)) Then
                $replacefirstName = StringReplace($aRet[$i][3], $checkFirstName, "")
                $aRet[$i][3] = $replacefirstName
                ConsoleWrite($replacefirstName  & @LF)
        ;ConsoleWrite($checkFirstName & @LF)


EndFunc   ;==>Main

ouput from this code:



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It looks to be working to me. I can't test it on the system I'm on right now. Why are you adding 1 to $i?

$i = $i +1

Do you really intend to skip past every other row?

Edited by czardas

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thx i removed the +1 now its woring!  idk why i added this xD

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