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Send to CMD command without close-open

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Hello guys :D

I'll try to be as clear as possible. I have a commandline interface ( .com ) and i need to automize that. Pratically now i'll do this way:

1) Open cmd

2) i'll write "mycommandline.com -indentify a:"

3) i'll write "mycommandline.com -indentify b:"

4) i'll write "mycommandline.com -indentify c:"

and so on until Z


I want to do that process with autoit BUT i want to spawn only ONE single CMD.exe process and not 26 times :D

Suggestion or example to how accomplish this task?

Many thanks

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write a single batch file with FOR loop A: to Z:

use AutoIt RunWait() to call that batch file.

here are some leads:



that batch file should also handle the result of your com app, if any, or deliver those to your AutoIt script. for example, redirect output for each drive to a text file, then let your AutoIt script process it.

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Since I have no mycommandline.com, I used Dir command:

$cmds = "("
For $i = 97 To 122   ; equals a to z
    $cmd = "dir " & Chr($i) & ":\ & "
    $cmds &= $cmd
$cmds &= "echo. ) >" & @ScriptName & ".txt 2>&1"
ConsoleWrite($cmds & @LF)
RunWait('"' & @ComSpec & '" /c ' & $cmds, '', @SW_HIDE)
ShellExecute(@ScriptName & ".txt")

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