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FTP Upload progress bar broken?

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Folks - I am using _FTP_ProgressUpload to upload a file and present a progress bar. The code I am using worked fine until I updated to the newest verson of AutoIT. My code looks like this:

Func send_print_job($archive_file, $print_job_ID)
    $server = RegRead("HKLM64\Software\willard\pcs","server_ip")
    $user = RegRead("HKLM64\Software\willard\pcs","user")
    $pass = RegRead("HKLM64\Software\willard\pcs","pass")
    $remote_path = RegRead("HKLM64\Software\willard\pcs","remote_path")
    $remote_file = $remote_path & "/" & $print_job_ID & ".tar"
    $hInternetSession = _FTP_Open('pcs_server')
    $hFTPSession = _FTP_Connect($hInternetSession, $server, $user, $pass,1)
    GUICtrlSetState($progress_bar , $GUI_SHOW)
    $result = _FTP_ProgressUpload($hFTPSession, $archive_file, $remote_file, "_UpdateProgress")
    _FTP_Close($hInternetSession )
EndFunc   ;==>send_print_job

Func _UpdateProgress($iPercent)
    GUICtrlSetData($progress_bar, $iPercent)
    Return 1 ; Continue upload
EndFunc   ;==>_UpdateProgress

Now when the files upload, the usual progress bar on my form ($progress_bar) does not update, and there is a little popup window on top of my form that does have a progress bar along with the name of the file that is being uploaded. The files do upload succesfully, but it was a lot cleaner before.

Like I said, this worked as it should for the older version of AutoIT that I was using. What would have changed?

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So I just tried to run the example in the help file and it does the same thing - the GUI that is created is visible, but another form pops up with a progress bar. Sounds like a bug to me.

Edit: I just installed Version and the progress bar works correctly, so there is some sort of bug with the lastest version.

Edit#2: works correctly, too. Wierd.

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Looking for the same problem, I find the problem is the passing parameter $hFunctionToCall, thus in the example and in your problem is passed as a string, while it has to be passed as class object

$result = _FTP_ProgressUpload($hFTPSession, $archive_file, $remote_file, "_UpdateProgress")
$result = _FTP_ProgressUpload($hFTPSession, $archive_file, $remote_file, _UpdateProgress)


if you check the include <FTPEx.au3>, the _FTP_ProgressUpload has the function IsFunc to discriminate the use of a progress bar as the value of $hFunctionToCall is a string the result of IsFunc is 0 and the progress bar appears,


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