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ControlTreeView(GetSelected) and GUICtrlTreeView_GetSelected not working, returning hex value

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I have a tree view in Excel that was returning the correct index of a member using ControlTreeView($win, "", "[iD]", GetSelected) in Excel 2007 and 2010.  However, in Excel 2013, it's not working at all.  So I tried GUICtrlTreeView_GetSelected and it is returning a hex value!

In older versions of Excel I got an orderly "#0|#3" (for example).  In Excel 2013 I get "0x15483621" or something.  Any experience with this?  It's a custom Excel extension that displays a tree.

Local $sel_ref = ControlTreeView($hwin, "", "[ID:1927]", "GetSelected", 1)
Local $handle01 = ControlGetHandle($hwin, "", "[ID:1927]")
Local $sel_ref = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetSelection($handle01)


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