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AutoIt Windows Service versus Unstoppable Script: need help

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How is the best way, to maintain a script run permanently?

I have a diagnostics tool, and it need run all time to monitoring everything is happend with hardware and software pc.

But, I have many problems with 'users'.

Users knowingly/deliberately close the application.

Sometimes the aplication crahs alone... Its is beta.

Now I thinking is the best way is elevate the application to service level, run it as Windows Service.

Realy, I try many forum's examples, I found many information. All is very very good.

But I need know is the best way elevate this application to Windows Service?

Have another options?

Yes, I need techinical information, but, I need to talk, need advice, about this problem with others peoples with more knowledgement than I.

What I need specifically?
a) know viability and stability to run AutoIt as Windows Service;

B) other ways to reach same result without Windows Service AutoIt;

c) read/talk who actually uses Windows Service AutoIt, not try a script...

If you can help me, please!

Best regards, Detefon

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Running a script as a Windows service in Session 0 can be tricky.

I see something like about this, I will try this, maybe a good idea.


Set up an Admin Task to Start the program every x minutes and add a singleton function to your code.

I will try this! ^^



Call your own program when it exits?

Geir1983, I try it too. But when you close with taskmanager, it not restart.

Realy thank all answers. Its very apreciate.

Br, Detefon.

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