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Need help for expanding Treeview

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I am new to AutoIT. Its been 3 days I am learning and I am now stuck hence request you to help us. 

All I want is to expand a tree view. 

Here is the screen-shot :: 


All I want to do is :

1. Lauch Eclipse

2. Click on "Help" Tab

3. Click on "About Eclipse SDK"

4. Click on "Installation Details" 

and then 

5. select is C/C++ Development Tool SDK & then Click on Un-install.

The code so far I have written is below :: 

#include <GuiTreeView.au3>

;Launch the eclipse

WinWait("Workspace Launcher")
WinActivate("Workspace Launcher")
ControlClick("Workspace Launcher","","Button3")

WinWait("Java - Eclipse SDK")
WinActivate("Java - Eclipse SDK")
WinWait("About Eclipse SDK")
WinActivate("About Eclipse SDK")
ControlClick("About Eclipse SDK","","Button3")
WinWait("Eclipse SDK Installation Details")
WinActivate("Eclipse SDK Installation Details")

Local $hTreeview = ControlGetHandle('[CLASS:SysTreeView32]', '', 'SysTreeView321')

Not able to progress after this. Any help would be appreciated !! 

Thank you 




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Rather than trying to manipulate the GUI, have you taken a look at the director application reference material? You should be able to uninstall a feature completely from the command line, which would be much easier.


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