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Can i get the text of the item where the cursor currently pointing to

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Hi all,

           In a tree view, i am sending cursor to move down two steps (send("{DOWN 2}")) .How can i know whether it points to the exact item or not. 

           Can we retrieve the text  where the cursor currently pointing to. I used Control get text, and control command(get selected).. But it was not working fine.

           Actually in a context menu, i am sending the above comman and there in context menu, i can get only the class name as #32768 in basic window info and not the control info.. So, may be i cant use  Control get text or control command(get selected) as these functions need control information.

           Could anyone please let me know if there is any other function.


Thank you.

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For the treeview, you can use ControlTreeView or _GUICtrlTreeView_XXXXX functions (see help file). Instead of using Send, you can do the same thing properly with these functions (if the control is recognized as a treeview, of course)

Some functions can have a strange behavior when using a x86 script with x64 windows.

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