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Snippets Tray Tool

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This program put little snippets we all like to use (i assume) into a tray menu so we don't have to look for them anymore.

the only thing u need to do is make a map name it Snippets and put your snippets in there.(note: The Snippets Tray Tool doesn't go in there but in the same place as the folder is)

The script: (note: to easy change the folder name to your own liking just open the script in scite and ctrl + f and look for Snippets and replace those 2 names with the name u want to use)

#Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#AutoIt3Wrapper_AU3Check_Parameters=-d -w 1 -w 2 -w 3 -w- 4 -w 5 -w 6 -w- 7
#EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI ****
#include <File.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <TrayConstants.au3>
Opt("TrayMenuMode", 3)
Opt("TrayIconHide", 0)
Opt("GUIResizeMode", 1)
Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1)
Opt("TrayAutoPause", 0)
Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2)
Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)
Opt("MustDeclareVars", 0)
Opt("GUIEventOptions", 1)
Opt("TrayOnEventMode", 0)
Opt("ExpandEnvStrings", 1)
Opt("WinDetectHiddenText", 1)

Local $PLTray, $PSTray, $STTray, $NTray, $PTray, $CTTray, $ExitItem
Local $Au3filesArray, $Item, $State, $Msg, $GuiMsg, $CursorInfo, $txt


$ExitItem = TrayCreateItem("Close")
TrayItemSetOnEvent(-1, "Quit")



    $Msg = TrayGetMsg()
    If $Msg > 0 Then
        $txt = TrayItemGetText($Msg)
        ConsoleWrite('$txt ' & $txt & @CRLF)
        If $txt = 'Close' Then Quit()
        ConsoleWrite(@ScriptDir & '\' & $txt & @CRLF)
        Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\SciTE.exe " & @ScriptDir & '\' & "Snippets" & '\' & $txt)


Func SrchAdd()
    $Au3filesArray = _FileListToArray(@ScriptDir & '\'& "Snippets" & '\', '*.au3', 1, 0)
    ConsoleWrite('$Au3filesArray[1] ' & $Au3filesArray[1] & @CRLF)
    For $i = 1 To $Au3filesArray[0]
        $Au3filesArray[$i] = TrayCreateItem($Au3filesArray[$i])
        TrayItemSetOnEvent($Au3filesArray[$i], $Au3filesArray[$i])
EndFunc   ;==>SrchAdd


Func Minimize()
    WinSetState('', '', @SW_MINIMIZE)
EndFunc   ;==>Minimize

Func Restore()
    WinSetState('', '', @SW_RESTORE)
EndFunc   ;==>Restore

Func Quit()
EndFunc   ;==>Quit


The guy behind this code is careca <-- i justĀ edited the script a little bit so u u don't get a gui with a button anymore to load the snippets in the tray menu.

If you have any questions feel free to comment and i will try to help you :)

reason i uploaded this script is because i think a lot of people would like it.


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