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Problems running a compiled script as a service

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   I am running a compiled script as a service and have encountered a problem. For reference I am using a shell called exe2service. The basics of the script are simple. It communicates to a scale via RS232 (com port) and continually logs the findings.

   When the computer boots the service starts as suspected even before logging in. I can tell because the TX and RX lights on the scale flicker continually and when I do log in the log that the program generates is date and time stamped correctly.

   Now the problem.... when someone logs off the service hangs or something. The TX and RX lights no longer flicker and the log that is generated no longer gets updated. The service still shows up in the SCM as being started but nothing is happening. To get the service going again I have to restart it.

   I have gone as far as putting a beep() in the main loop and it beeps until I log off at which point the mail loop no longer appears running. I am at a loss. Something about logging off. Any ideas on how to debug this?




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Have you tried any options on the recovery tab of the service? What happens if you set it to automatically restart the service?

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X-L-Ant suggestion on service recovery options. I set all three to restart the service and no joy. I think that is because the service is already started (at least according to SCM).

@clicked I would be happy to try and compile it as a console application if you could give me the How-To. What is a console application?

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While 1

Func CheckMainProgram()
If ProcessExists("Notepad.exe") <>  0 Then

I have to be doing something amazingly stupid. Above is the code. I turn it in to a service with EXE2Service. I get a beep() when I boot the computer. I can then log in and notepad in there. I can close notepad and it will beep and re-open notepad a million times until I log off. As soon as I log off and log back on SCM tells me the service is started but no beeps, no notepad. Nothing.

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have the service stop on log off and restart on logon.


How do you do that? It is almost as if it is already set to stop at logoff but in a wierd way. The service stops at logoff but when I log back on SCM says the service is"started" but it isn't running. As mentioned I have to restart the service after logging back on.

Your suggestion would be perfect if I could find out how to do that :)

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