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How to close AutoIT script automatically after it hangs for 1 hour?

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I currently have a AutoIT script that installs a Firefox plugin. Sometimes my AutoIT script hangs, due to bad builds of the Firefox plugin.

Because I have the entire process automated, and it runs overnight. Sometimes, the AutoIT script will hang all night until I notice it in the morning.

I was wondering if there was any possible way to have the AutoIT script just close itself out after a certain period of time?


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Hi there,

Try AdlibRegister.

Cheers and welcome aboard

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Does it hang because it crashes from some error, or does the execution take too long, or something else?

If execution is too long, then adlib...() will work.  If your script blows up, it won't.

There are additional levels of abstraction, but I'd execute the script via another script, and if the process takes longer than X amount of time, kill the process.

This works for if the script is stuck in some loop, or if the script blows up during execution:

$iTimer = TimerInit()
$iMax = 1000*60*60 ; 1 hour
$iPID = Run("YourCompiledAU3.exe /ErrorStdOut your paramms go here")
While ProcessExists($iPID) And TimerDiff($iTimer) < $iMax

If ProcessExists($iPID) Then
    Exit 1
    Exit 0
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