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Delete a known string from an array?

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Been looking at _ArrayDelete as i have an array i cant seem to exclude one folder from

This is a non working example

$CleanUpFolders = _FileListToArrayRec(@ScriptDir, "*||Downloaded_Files", 2, 1) ; Make a variable of the second unpacked files for cleanup and exclude the unpacker
_ArrayDisplay($CleanUpFolders, "Retest Cleanup Folders")

For $i = 1 To $CleanUpFiles[0]
DirRemove( $CleanUpFiles[$i], 1)

prob is with _FileListToArrayRec it doesnt exclude the folder because of this condition

  Exclude_Folders = only used if $iRecur = 1 AND $iReturn <> 2 to exclude defined folders (default = "" [none])

there is a load of folders that i want to remove and one that i dont (Downloaded_Files)


These dont work

#include <Array.au3>

Local $aArray[5] = [0, 1, 'Test', 3, 4]

_ArrayDisplay($aArray, "Original")
_ArrayDelete($aArray, 'Test',)
_ArrayDisplay($aArray, "Element 2 deleted")
#include <Array.au3>

Local $aArray[5] = [0, 1, 'Test', 3, 4]

_ArrayDisplay($aArray, "Original")
Local $del = 'Test'
_ArrayDelete($aArray, $del)
_ArrayDisplay($aArray, "Element 2 deleted")

So how do i remove it from the array before processing and i dont know the postion number in the array as it will be different everytime


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