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Loading the CRL into a native process

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I am stuck with something.

I create process (using CreateProcessW) of a native application.

Now I need to load the CRL into that process (using ICLRRuntimeHost?).

Is this possible and if so is there an example how to do so in AutoIt?

or is it possible to Call CorBindToRuntimeEx and pass on the CLR to the process?

Thanks in advance guys!

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Have you tried coding anything whatsoever?

Snips & Scripts

My Snips: graphCPUTemp ~ getENVvars
My Scripts: Short-Order Encrypter - message and file encryption V1.6.1 ~ AuPad - Notepad written entirely in AutoIt V1.9.4

Feel free to use any of my code for your own use.                                                                                                                                                           Forum FAQ


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