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Problem with GUICtrlCreateDate and GUICtrlSetData

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hi!, First, I searched the forum but not found the solution to my problem. The problem is I can not change the day. This is a piece of my code.

$hdate = GUICtrlCreateDate("", 125, $iTop - 50, 150, -1, $DTS_SHORTDATEFORMAT)
$hWndDate = ControlGetHandle($hGui, "", $hdate)
_GUICtrlDTP_SetFormat($hWndDate, "dd/MM/yyyy - HH:mm:ss")
If ($sTipo == "Editar") Then
     GUICtrlSetState($hdate, 128)
     GUICtrlSetData($hdate, $aDatosParaModificar[5])
     GUICtrlSetData($hWndDate, $aDatosParaModificar[5])

$aDatosParaModificar[5] is a string with format "dd/MM/yyyy - HH:mm:ss" (Ej: 30/12/ 2000 - 22:10:35)

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You will get better response to queries if you post runnable code.  

I wrapped your code to make it runnable and included comments where appropriate.

; *** Start added by AutoIt3Wrapper ***
#include <DateTimeConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>
; *** End added by AutoIt3Wrapper ***
#include <GuiDateTimePicker.au3>


local $hGUI = guicreate('Date Control Format Test')

local $itop = 100, $sTipo = 'Editar', $aDatosParaModificar[6] = ['','','','','',"'My new date format = ' MM/dd/yyyy - HH:mm:ss"]

$hdate = GUICtrlCreateDate("", 125, $iTop - 50, 250, -1, $DTS_SHORTDATEFORMAT)
$hWndDate = ControlGetHandle($hGui, "", $hdate)
_GUICtrlDTP_SetFormat($hWndDate, "dd/MM/yyyy - HH:mm:ss")


If ($sTipo == "Editar") Then
     ;GUICtrlSetState($hdate, 128)                              don't disable the control
     _guictrldtp_setformat($hWndDate, $aDatosParaModificar[5])
     ;GUICtrlSetData($hWndDate, $aDatosParaModificar[5])        date formats cannot be changed with guictrlsetdata, only the date value

while 1
    switch guigetmsg()
        case $gui_event_close


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