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Open Office _OOoCalc_WriteCell Problem


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Hi All

Trying to use the Open office excel automation include and having trouble with the the _OOoCalc_WriteCell function

#include <OOoCOM_UDF_v08.au3>
; Script Start - Add your code below here

Local $file = @ScriptDir & "\Attrib-Detailed-EP2013.csv" ;This file should already exist
Local $oExcel = _OOoCalc_Open($file)

_OOoCalc_WriteCell($oExcel, 0,"Something to write in cell",1,1)


Get an error of :

$SheetComponent = $Sheets.GetByName($Worksheet)
$SheetComponent = $Sheets.GetByName($Worksheet)^ ERROR

Tried referencing the worksheet as '0' , '1' and 'Sheet1'

What am I doing wrong here ?



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