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How can i execute different scripts if specific websites/pages open up in firefox ?

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Hi im new to Autoit and i working on a project. I created something really simple where i put macros containing mouseclicks and keyboard presses to specific hotkeys while im working on webpages in firefox. Something like this :


Func q()


But i always wondered if there is a way to automate that in a way. For example if a specific website opens up (http://www.autoitscript.com/forum) then it should execute the above, and so on with other websites. (Note i dont mean in a malicious way, i just wanted to keep it abstract)

So if website 1 turns up execute script a, website 2 execute script b etc. Is this Possible ?

I use SciTE Version 3.4.1 with au3recorder. I looked at the Help file mentioned but i dont actually know what to look for :/

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Hi there, thanks i did. But that doesnt help me. I read through the commands but there doesnt seem to be one that would help me. Most of them execute stuff. But i need something to read out the adressbar and automatically execute a function as simple as possible.

I even thought about improvising since i only know the basic commands like mouseclick (), send () etc. Basically copy pasting the adressbar and searching in an open notepad file for that adress for the appropiate hotkeys i need to press. But i thought maybe there is a way the script does that for me, pressing his own hotkeys so it executes its own functions. I´m really lost here :(

I also used the au3 recorder and everytime i use it to record my mouseclicks it would create a command _WinWaitActivate "www.etc.com/etc/etc". So i thought autoit is actually able to know what page is active so it shouldn´t be hard to have him execute a simple script based on that or ? But the command doesnt work and i dont if it works that way anyways.

Maybe someone is willing to help me out ?

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Example _FFCmd usage from FF.au3 taken from http://english.documentation.ff-au3.thorsten-willert.de/ff_functions/_FFCmd.php

#Include <FF.au3>


If _FFIsConnected() Then
    ; href of the current page
    $sHref = _FFCmd(".location.href")
    If Not @error Then MsgBox(64,"Current href:",$sHref)

    ; href from an image link
    $sHref = _FFCmd(".images[0].parentNode.href")
    If Not @error Then MsgBox(64,"Href of the first image-link:",$sHref)

    ; title of the current page
    $sTitle = _FFCmd( ".title")
    If Not @error Then MsgBox(64,"Title of the current page:",$sTitle)

    ; browser version
    $sVersion = _FFCmd("navigator.userAgent")
    If Not @error Then MsgBox(64,"Browser version:",$sVersion)
    MsgBox(64,"Error:","Can't conncect to FireFox")
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Maybe try WinExists  https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions/WinExists.htm

If WinExists("AutoIt Forums") Then

  WinActivate("AutoIt Forums")



It did the trick for me - i am checking if certain window exists (in that case - window containing whole/part name of webpage), set this window as active and do the auto-magic.

Of course it isnt running many scripts, just 1 script with different functions for different windows. During script execution (eg when your mouse moves etc) you should not touch any controls (mouse, keyboard...).

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