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Changing computer name

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I am trying to find an easy AutoIt solution to both read and change a computer name.

I have been up and down the command listing, but failed to see anything.

Please help.

Thank you.

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If you are looking for a quick & dirty way (not over a network) using WMI, you could always take this as a starting point and work with it from there.


Func WMICall_PCRename($sPCName)
    Local $oResultItem, $oResultSet = ObjGet('winmgmts:\\localhost\ROOT\CIMV2')
    If IsObj($oResultSet) Then
        For $oResultItem In $oResultSet.InstancesOf('Win32_ComputerSystem')
EndFunc   ;==>WMICall_PCRename

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I never found a "clean" way to do it on the backend.  Every time I found a solution later I find it was for older versions of windows, or can have bad effects on the domain.  Seems that Windows actually does quite a lot when you set a computer name/description so it was best for me to just automate the normal manual way of doing a computer name change.

My code is simple as I just started autoit but may give you a place to start if you do not mind this sort of solution.

$desc = InputBox("Black Magic Installer", "What do you want as the Computer Description?")
If @Error = 1 Then

$pcname = InputBox("Black Magic Installer", "What do you want as the Computer Name?")

If @Error = 1 Then

WinWait("System Properties", "")
WinActivate("System Properties", "")
ControlSetText("System Properties", "", 122, $desc)
ControlClick("System Properties", "", 12321)
ControlClick("System Properties", "", 115)
WinWait("Computer Name/Domain Changes", "")
WinActivate("Computer Name/Domain Changes", "")
ControlSetText("Computer Name/Domain Changes", "", 1002, $pcname)
ControlClick("Computer Name/Domain Changes", "", 1)
WinWait("Computer Name/Domain Changes", "OK")
WinActivate("Computer Name/Domain Changes", "OK")
ControlClick("Computer Name/Domain Changes", "OK", "Button1")
WinActivate("System Properties", "")
Controlclick("System Properties", "", 1)
WinWait("Microsoft Windows", "Restart &Later")
WinActivate("Microsoft Windows", "Restart &Later")
ControlClick("Microsoft Windows", "Restart &Later", "Button2")

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If it's a domain computer you can use Netdom renamecomputer. BTW, you can use Netdom even if the computer isn't on a domain, just wanted to mention that. :)


NETDOM RENAMECOMPUTER machine /NewName:new-name
           [/userD:user [/PasswordD:[password | *]]]
           [/userO:user [/PasswordO:[password | *]]]
           [/REBoot[:Time in seconds]]

NETDOM RENAMECOMPUTER renames a computer. If the computer is joined to a
domain, then the computer object in the domain is also renamed. Certain
services, such as the Certificate Authority, rely on a fixed machine name.
If any services of this type are running on the target computer, then a
computer name change would have an adverse impact. This command should not
be used to rename a domain controller.

machine is the name of the workstation or member server to be renamed

Edited by BrewManNH

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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I want to thank everybody for their input.

Sorry I didn't reply any sooner, but this is a part time project that I work on as time allows.

I will be checking out the solutions above.

Thanks again.

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