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Problem with Select... Case

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Hi, I am trying to have AutoIt activate whichever window of either one type, that I have currently opened, example: I have FF opened but IE and GC is closed, so I want FF window to be activated however I am not sure how to go about with this.

IE = Windows Internet Explorer, GC = Google Chrome and FF = Mozilla Firefox

Local $titleIE2 = String("AutoIt Forums - Windows Internet Explorer")
Local $titleGC2 = String("AutoIt Forums - Google Chrome")
Local $titleFF2 = String("AutoIt Forums - Mozilla Firefox")

Func ActivateWindow2()
        Case $titleIE2
            If Not WinActive($titleIE2,"") Then WinActivate($titleIE2,"")
        Case $titleGC2
            If Not WinActive($titleGC2,"") Then WinActivate($titleGC2,"")
        Case $titleFF2
            If Not WinActive($titleFF2,"") Then WinActivate($titleFF2,"")
        Case Else

Call ("ActivateWindow2")

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Why go through all that mess, when you're simply doing a WinActivate off the title? Why not just:

While 1
    If WinExists("AutoIt Forums -", "") Then WinActivate("AutoIt Forums -", "")

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Oh, I am sorry, did not realize about WinExists, its my first time trying this with different window titles, thank you JLogan3o13.

Decided to go with:

Local $titleTest = String("AutoIt Forums -")

Func ActivateWindow2()
    If WinExists($titleTest, "") Then WinActivate($titleTest, "")

Call ("ActivateWindow2")

I assume While... WEnd is a "always on" code?

Hence the Sleep(100) to not make the CPU usage into high usage?

Edited by LovelyJane

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