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Find String in text then take following 5 chars


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Hi Guys, 
I am going slightly mad of this. Or maybe I am just very tired. :-)
There is an www page. Inside of this page is USER ID, but visible only in HTML as ID of the button to display user's profile. It look like this:

<A id=A431_4_011_77168 href='javascript:btnProfile(77168)'>

I have to do two things: 

1. Click that button

2. get the user_ID

Issues: button ID always starts with A431_4_011_ but last 5 numbers are changing, because it is a user ID.  So I can't use: _IEGetObjById neither _IEGetObjByName because there are no wildcards such as * for this type of objects.

So I think how to get that ID. Then I can complete the buttonID and click it.

Shortened version of the code is following: 

If processexists("iexplore.exe") Then
        Local $Ierun = WinActivate ("Internet Explorer")
        Global $IEHUB = _IEAttach ("", "instance",1)
        Local $srchstr = _IEPropertyGet ($IEHUB, "innerhtml")
        Local $st = _StringBetween ($srchstr, "<A id=A431_4_011_", "href='javascript:btnProfile")
        MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "" & $st)


Apparently, there are two problems. (always comes in couples, bast**ds :-) )

1. I am getting error about expression, because string contains "(" (what is the right way of using these symbols? add them to ' ' ? Or double it? Can't find any explanation on this. 

2. When I am testing it on some other text, the result is always empty. (trying to display it in msgbox)

What am I doing wrong? I am very very new in AutoIt and I have a feeling it should be easy with StringTrim or StringRight, StringSplit, but my experience is very low so far, so I can't find the right way. 

Thank you very much in advance.


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You can get the number out of your example string like this...


local $str = "<A id=A431_4_011_77168 href='javascript:btnProfile(77168)'>"

local $aRSLT = stringregexp($str,'id=\w+_(\d+)',3)



edit:  As to what you are doing wrong, I have no idea.  When I added the correct includes it ran on my PC.  Of course it didn't do anything as the URL for the attach is missing.

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Thank you very much guys, I really appreciate your help. Just one thing. I cannot test it now, but the problem is that number 77168 in string  <A id=A431_4_011_77168 href='javascript:btnProfile(77168)'> is user ID and it differ for every user. So I don't know it when I am running the script. Will it work?

EDIT: ehm.. ok... i see it now... :-) Thanks... 

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So thanks again, it works and my original script works as well, the key was [0] behind the variable. Can you, please, explain to me, or tell me under which section i can find it in help WHY without the [0] it returns the empty (not zero) string? I assume without it its considered to be some kind of data feed and [0] is actually telling to script to treat variable as string. But I did not found it in help, so I am kind of confused. 

Thanks again, I really appreciate your support and as soon as I gather some experience I'll try to help others as well. 


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