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Open dialog (specifically, CodeWarrior) working intermittently

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Hi forum,

I'm struggling with this --- need to script execution of CodeWarrior to compile multiple projects and flash them to a processor (a development board).

I actually I loop through multiple directories with source code, copy files, and then run CodeWarrior to recompile:

#include <File.au3>

Local $files = _FileListToArray ( " ... ", "*", 2)

for $i = 1 to $files[0]

    FileCopy (" .... ", "c:Userspc-adminDocumentsProject1src", $FC_OVERWRITE)

    RunWait ("dcc -c -O ..... list of C files")

        ; I actually need to run an external (command-line) compiler;  in CW, the project includes the .o files

    Local $cw = Run ("c:/Program Files (x86)/Freescale/CW for MPC55xx and MPC56xx 2.10/bin/IDE.exe")

    WinWaitActive ("Freescale CodeWarrior")

    Send ("^o")

        ; Ctrl-O to open the "File Open" dialog box

    Local $dlg = WinWaitActive ("Open")

    Sleep (1000)

    ControlSend ($dlg, "Open", "[Class:Edit]", "c:Userspc-adminDocumentsProject1Project1.mcp")

    Sleep (2000)

    Send ("!o")

        ; Alt-O --- click on the OPEN button after having typed in the project name

Ok, so the problem seems to be around here:  some times, the text is not entered at all  (the dialog

box just freezes --- nothing gets typed in the textbox, and then I can see that the "Open" button is

being pressed, but nothing happens because the filename textbox is empty.

Often enough, I open the Task Manager, forcibly terminate the script (I actually compile it to an

executable, so that it is easier to terminate), and then next time it works like a charm.

Anyone sees any glitches in the above script?  Or any similar experiences with CodeWarrior not

working well with AutoIt?





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Thanks for the reply.

I wasn't sure how to use ControlSend in this situation (the Send I'm using is for Ctrl-O, a shortcut for a menu selection).

But anyway, while investigating a bit given your suggestion, I found WinMenuSelectItem, and this one seems to be working.  Now I'm stumbling into a different problem, but I'll try to figure out what's happening now.

Thanks again!



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Post the problem your having :)

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