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Auto restarting an application over time

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Hey there,
I just started my adventure with AutoIT and well, I have a problem.

Basically, I need my program to do:
1. Start an application

2. Wait 13 minutes

3. Close the application

4. Do the following all the time (infinite loop)

My code for now is:

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Terminate")

   Func RunBot()
      While 1
      Local $iPID = Run("directory to my application")

Func _Terminate()

MsgBox ($MB_OK, "program is running somehow", "this is proof that this works")

It does nothing. Even MsgBox doesn't show up.
Can someone kindly help me please?

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You need to add error checking to your script. Add a ConsoleWrite after your $iPID declaration, to ensure you get that far. Then perhaps another ConsoleWrite when you enter Sleep. You need to determine where the break is, before you can resolve the issue.

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The error checking with ConsoleWrite shows me that everything is fine. It's just that the program doesn't start. Destination is all good, as I have checked that. 
The directory is : D:folder1folder2Application.exe

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