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Problems using autoit with internet explorer

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Dear Autoit Community,

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post.

I understand how to use _IECreate  and how to use objects to manipulate the named webpage in the code.

But what if I am redirected to open another webpage that I cannot access directly? For example, if the named webpage in the code  has a redirect instruction,  it may take me to a different page. How do I tell autoit that i now want it to focus on the new webpage that I haven't included in the original code--and to accept instructions?



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Welcome to the AutoIt forums gregtvman! :D

I'm thinking you will have to compensate for this in your own script. I'm sure we could give you a suggestion of how to handle this, but posting your code that you use (excluding any usernames or passwords of course) will greatly shorten the time it takes for one of us to help you with this ;)

Alas, that is up to you. I am thinking checking the address of the browser window could give you enough information to figure out how to compensate. :)

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